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Welcome to The Villages Greyhound Club

We are a group of individuals who love Greyhounds. We enjoy getting together to talk about our hounds, while educating the public on Greyhound racing as well as Greyhound Adoption.

We do this through activities in the community.  Our Greyhounds love spending time with each other at gatherings in the town squares, here in The Villages and other venues in our area.

We try to raise money, through various fundraisers, to benefit Greyhound Adoptions of Florida in Citra, Florida, from where many of us have adopted our dogs.

If you are interested in joining our group, even if you do not have a Greyhound, you are most welcome!  Please feel free to contact me at 352-753-6563.

Carol Bellavia, President

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Jacquelyn L.  “Jackie” O’Hara

Our club lost a very special member on Wednesday, August 17th.  Jackie was one of the original founders of The Villages Greyhound Club.  Almost 13 years ago, she and Enis Bissonnette decided to see if they could start a Greyhound Social Club here in The Villages.  Jackie filed the papers with The Villages, and the first meeting was held with 14 people in attendance.  They all shared the same common love ... Greyhounds!  The club started out, and still is, a social club, where Greyhounds and their humans can get together, discuss any special needs like food, digestive issues, veterinarians, behaviors and so much more.

The group would take their Greyhounds to Doggie Do Run, Run, late in the day, when no one else was there. The Greyhounds would run to their hearts content, and splash around in the wading pools set up there.  We are going to see if we can start that fun activity back up in this next season to carry on some of the traditions Jackie started.

Jackie began the Fundraising campaigns to help Greyhound Adoptions of Florida (GAF) care for the many dogs that were coming off the track, she began with pancake breakfasts at what is now known as Cody’s (had a different name back then), then luncheons at Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant.  Enis started the Walkabouts in the town squares of the Villages to get the dogs out in front of the public.  Not many people had ever seen a Greyhound and were amazed at their gentle, loving nature.

Jackie kept us all on track with our fundraisers, she was always there for the club and for GAF.  She would cook the most amazing food for everyone who went up to GAF to work in the Memorial Garden.   I think that’s one reason most people volunteered to go pull weeds and clean up the garden ... Jackie’s cooking!!!

We will miss this special lady, her wonderful smile, and her infectious laughter. RIP Special Lady ... you were one of a kind!



Upcoming Events:

Greyhound Gathering / Walkabout
October 11
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Lake Sumter Landing

Blessing of the Animals
October 15
7:30 AM set up,
10:00 AM Service
Hope Lutheran Church – Hwy. 466

Pancake Breakfast
October 29
(Tentative date)
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Greyhound Gathering / Walkabout
November 9
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Spanish Springs Square













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