"Kerri Anne" Bellavia
February 2, 1999 Ė October 21, 2011



Kerri Anne was our first Senior Greyhound and she was quite unique.  She had been through so much in such a short time and was relinquished at the age of 11.  She had gone through a tail amputation, being attacked by another dog, and was suffering from incontinence.

I will never forget the first day Marilyn brought her to our home to see if she and Bocce would get along.  Bocce and Kerri Anne ran into our bedroom and we found them on our king size bed, butt to butt ... we knew this was going to work and Bocce would get the companion he needed.

Kerri Anne blossomed!  She would always empty the toy box to be surrounded by toys. She would bark at thunder as if she could make it stop.  She had some special needs and we did our best to make her last years good years for her and I think we did. We didnít have her for a long time, but the time we did have with her was very special.