"Bocce" Bellavia
November 1, 2003 January 14, 2014 



Bocce was our very first Greyhound and still holds a special place in my heart. He was a very special boy ... he loved people, other Greyhounds, his toys and food, any food! He was the most food driven boy I ever knew.  Even the day he passed on, he was still eating heartily.

We taught him how to go up and down stairs.  He loved meet and greets ... both in Colorado and in Florida.  He was the perfect Ambassadog at many events in Colorado and at PetsMart here in Florida.  One of his favorite things was going to Doggie Daycare in Colorado, where he could play all day with all the other dogs and come home exhausted when I picked him up after work.  When it snowed, he would run and do zoomies around the fenced in yard having a ball for himself.

He loved going to GreyHaven and playing with the Varnberg Gang and being spoiled by his grandma Marilyn.  He especially loved the Pico Romano cheese she so nicely grated and placed on the table for him.  Our time with him felt short, but they all leave us too quickly.  My heart holds a special place for him.