"Zipper" Bellavia


July 21, 2010 - January 12, 2021

I met this beautiful soul shortly after losing my first Greyhound.  It was supposed to be a trip to just pick him up for adoption.  It was love at first sight, we bonded on our trip from Live Oak back to Citra.

Zipper was a very special boy, he was outgoing, funny and one of the most loveable hounds.  He enjoyed remaking the bed once I finished making it, he was great giving snuggles – you just had to ask and he would cuddle up next to you.  Zipper loved to travel, he loved going to Mountain Hounds in Tennessee, and his long trip out west to the Grand Canyon, a week in Kanab at the Greyhound Shivoo and a stop in Pueblo, CO to visit friends.  He was such a good traveler, he slept most of the trip, he didn’t mind going in elevators, jumped on each bed and hunker down in hotel rooms.  He was always up for a ride and walks.  We would walk multiple times a day and he was always ready to go, I couldn’t reach for my purse or keys without him running to the door.

He did have many medical issues, from hook worm, when we got him, to having the hardware removed from his broken hock, to SLO – where he would lose a nail for no reason, to severe pancreatitis and then the cancer that took him from us.  He had a great attitude up to the end when we had to say goodbye.  We miss him terribly – there is a large hole in our hearts and the house is so empty without him.  I truly hope there is a Rainbow Bridge as I want to see him again.  He will be forever in our hearts.