"Trixie" Curtis


Our sweet little top-notch ambassador for Greyhound Rescue went to the Rainbow Bridge on Good Friday, April 3rd.

We fell in love with her on Day 1 when she bounced into the adoption room with her "Happy Tail" going 2-forty.

Trixie came to be a local celebrity, as her picture was in the Villages Daily Sun paper 8 times be it: having her paw printed, strutting in her yellow raincoat, walking in the Christmas Parade, attending Pet Blessings, or supporting awareness for the plight of the Greyhounds.

Trixie was a true pin-up girl.  She appeared on local TV and also in our local magazine (donning her birthday hat).  She also made the Grey2K 2011 Calendar wearing one of her crazy hats and boas.  Those sexy little outfits also won her trophies at Halloween as the "Local Street Walker".  She turned many a head at walkabouts resulting in more money put in her donation vests.  Wish we had a nickel (for the hounds) for every time we heard "What a beautiful dog".

Trixie touched the hearts of so many people with her big brown eyes, half masked face, and gentle personality.

Trixie, we were blessed with the 9 1/2 years we had with you.  You left our world but never our hearts.  Rest peacefully, Precious Girl!

John, Marge and Buddy Curtis