"Darrell" Curtis

Darrell Darrell Darrell

How could we have ever changed your name?  Your name was amusing just like your ears.  It was your mission in life to make people smile which started the day you arrived at the Kennel.  All the volunteers remember you and your "flip-flopity" ears as you got off the truck.  St the M&G's, the greyhound admirer's smiled as they tried moving your goofy ears around on your head thinking they could straighten them out.

I had great expectations of you winning a trophy in the Funniest Ears Contest at a Midwest Reunion.  As we waited our turn, someone passed out goodies.  Once you got in you "Cookie Alert Mode", those ears perked up as if they had starch in them.  Since you would do anything for a cookie, you learned 4 cute tricks to win a 1st Place Trophy the following year in the Best Tricks Contest.

We mostly called you "Our Little Thief".  From large seat cushions to sweaters (taken right off my shoulders), we were always surprised at what you would steal and where we would find it.  Many a time I had to gimp down the hallway (smiling of course) searching for a lost shoe.

At walk time, you took charge of Priscilla's leash and off to the door you two went. You liked to have furry friends come for visits.  When it was time for your guests to go, a leash went in your mouth and you pulled the unsuspecting dogs, one at a time, to the door as if to say "Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?"  There you go again putting smiles on everyone's faces.  Oh, yes, then there was the time we walked in the LaGrange Pet Parade.  At the finish area were buckets of water lined up for all the thirsty critters in the parade.  You took a drink from the first bucket, then decided to cool your front paws in it, and then continued to drink from the next one.  Many smiles that day too.  You were our Personality Plus Boy.

Darrell, we were blessed with the precious 3 years and 3 months we had with you. They were "Priceless".  You left our world but never our hearts.  Rest in peace, sweet boy!

Marge, John, and Priscilla Curtis